2 Fantastic TV Drama Series to Improve Your English Language and Pronunciation Skills

It is often said that too much time spent watching drama series on television is a waste of precious time. But watching great drama series can constitute an excellent way for the mastery of the English Language. According to the Cone of Learning by Edgar Dale, 50% of what we see and hear gets remembered. So what better way to pick up new words of the English Language by watching dramas!

Best of all, not only does this method of learning effective; Dramacool  it is also a highly fun and enjoyable affair that you can involve your family and friends!

Here are three English drama series I highly recommend.

Drama Series #1: Sherlock

Sherlock Holmes is a fictional private detective created by British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle that first appeared in print in 1887. Sherlock and his assistant John Watson went around solving the most complex and intriguing criminal mysteries throughout London.

But in this drama series, the writers juxtapose these classics into London in the 21st century, thereby creating a modern version of the original stories.

This is a wonderful show for several reasons. The show provides for more than ample opportunities to master the proper pronunciation and enunciation of the language peppered with strong British accent. To top it of, you can enjoy the classical British humor that emerged frequently from the dialogues, and not to mention the captivating plots with twists and turns as the story unfolds.

Drama Series #2: House of Cards

Originally created in the UK for BBC television as a mini series based on the book by Michael Dobbs, this brilliant Netflix original has enchanted a wide following.

Frank Underwood (played by Kevin Spacey), a member of the Democratic Party, is disregarded for a promotion that he has devoted his whole career for. Seeking revenge, he masterminded a plan to climb right to the top of the Washington D.C. political machinery with his wife Claire (played by Robin Wright).

This is a great series to practice understanding American accents with a lot of technical business and political vocabulary. After watching this one you will certainly have increased your knowledge of the English language and also enjoyed a fantastic series.


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