Evaluating Writing Services: Maslows Approach

This resume writing company is referred to as America’s resume revitalization destination, an elite resume writing service that rewrites and re-targets resumes, but is there more to this resume writing service website than meets the eye? The resume writing company phd proposal writing service website (link found at the bottom) is geared towards busy corporate professionals who are always entertaining new prospects and need constant resume retargeting. This website is much more than a resume writing service. Customers can research their career outlook; learn how to ask for a raise or a promotion, or even how to quit their job with style while maintaining a strong network of ex-coworkers. Anyone interested in propelling their career into the fast lane, needs to look at this website as much more than just a resume editing service. When examining this specific website using a tool such as Maslow’s theory of human motivation, the reader begins to understand the many ways that this company website satisfies basic human needs.The Best Outsourced Content Writing Services for Bloggers and Agencies

Abraham Maslow fully expressed his idea of how humans are motivated in his book 1954 book Motivation and Personality. He asserts that humans have physiological, safety, love and belonging, esteem, and self-actualization needs that make up the decision on whether or not to choose a service or product, such as a resume writing company in this case. Maslow believes there is an order of operations that humans must pass through before they deem necessary to spend money or resources on something new. By applying Maslow’s Theory of Motivation we can see how this website provides many free career educational resources, self-help articles, and professional writing and editing services to fulfill basic humanistic needs.

The first set of needs for motivation in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is physiological, which includes breathing, eating, sleeping, sex, sleep and homeostasis. Although some of the site’s content alludes to the ability to achieve higher income which can lead to an increased quality of life, this exceptional caters to individuals who generally have these needs already met. The website makes the assumption the person is fully competent of affording its differentially justified corporate elite price range. With a higher standard of living, the quality of physiological needs can be more fully met.

Maslow’s second hierarchy of needs is safety. The website we are discussing provides a resume writing service that greatly enhances the quality of an existing resume or a brand new one in order to secure a higher income allowing the individual to gain the resources needed to attain healthcare, property and other essential assets necessary to support himself or a family. But is this all that this resume writing company does for safety needs? On a closer look, they also provide scholarly articles and resources teaching customers how to earn raises and promotions, how to ask for them, and also how to research the outlook of their career, visitors can view the website’s inner page “Research Your Career”, which allows visitors to the site to educate themselves on their current career field as well as possibilities they may be prospecting in order to see if they should maintain their career path or whether to make a change to something more secure and lucrative. Helping customers know the future outlook of their career makes them feel safe.

Once these physiological and safety needs are met, Maslow believes that humans can move on to the next step of motivation, love and belonging. This dimension of human’s “need to belong” is addressed by the companies’ Facebook page which is easily accessible on any of the website’s pages. This is where hundreds of people including family, friends, and co-workers realize they have all used the same resume writing service, or at least notice they are not the only one. Here people can get together and socialize about resume writing, career orientation, and other job advancement topics such as promotion and inter-organisational advancement strategies.

This website doesn’t stop with just fulfilling physiological, safety, and social needs, it goes to Maslow’s forth level of motivation, Esteem. All humans have the need to receive respect from their family, friends and co-workers. This resume writing company provides an article, How to Gain Respect from your Co-Workers, explaining the social dynamics and strategies for creating alliances and gaining political power in the work place. Humans who do not receive respect at work are logically suffering from a lack of simple social skills laid out in their article, explaining how to get the office wanting your acceptance, rather than the other way around.

Once the Maslow’s pyramid foundations of physiological, safety, social and esteem needs are met we can finally place the capstone of self-actualization. Self-actualization is the desire humans have for reaching their full potential. The website linked below really focuses on this aspect of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs by asserting that without a professionally written resume, doors will close, and the expansive supernova of what an individual’s career could be, will quickly fade. In their article, Why hire a professional writer?, They maintain that no one can possibly write resumes as good as this companies’ certified writers and therefore a lesser quality resume will result in collapsed opportunities in the future. They maintain that comparative advantage is why customers choose their service, that their writers do nothing but write resumes all day, therefore it is impossible to surpass their experience. Although many people believe that this business is just another trendy resume writing service, a logical application of Maslow’s Theory of Motivation and hierarchy of needs shows there is much more going on at the website listed below. Customers will find that this site’s free articles educate a platform for success laying out an effective career advancement model, while using their resume writing service translates into higher income improving access to their physiological needs, career safety, professional networking, and increase their self-esteem in the work place.

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