Nerf Vulcan EBF-25 Blaster Review

If you’re looking for a quick firing, automatic toy gun, then Nerf Vulcan EBF-25 is just right for you. With the Nerf Vulcan, you can hit your opponent at a surprise, even without you knowing it. Kids would be amazed by this blaster’s firing speed that can shoot up to three darts per second and can reload with ease, too. Thus, the gun is regarded as the fastest and the largest Nerf blaster so far.

Nerf Vulcan EFB-25 Blaster is flashy colored in orange and yellow. It is really bulky and heavy that it would be inconvenient to carry it in quick missions. Aside from the toy gun itself, the box contains accessories that back up the performance of the Nerf gun. They are the ammo box, the ammo belt, the tripod and the full instruction booklet. It has a handle for easy 17 wsm Ammo for sale  carrying, yet, with its size and weight, it would have been better if it were a strap. Six ‘D’ batteries should be bought separately as they are required for the toy gun to start functioning and are not contained within the box.

Play it like Rambo with its 25-shot ammo belt with the ammo box where the 25 darts are held, which is fed through the gun. The Nerf Vulcan is considered to be the fastest in terms of shooting that it only takes roughly ten seconds to shoot all 25 darts. It would have been appreciated if more Nerf darts are included since it is a quick firing toy gun. What happens is you spend a number of minutes in gathering the ammo and reloading. More time is exhausted in repeatedly preparing the Vulcan than actually playing it. With its single shot mode or with its folding tripod, better precision is easily achieved.

Aside from the auto fire mode, you can also toggle the toy gun to single shot mode which allows you to shoot a bit farther and precise than the auto-fire can. The folding tripod accessory, too, enhances the gun’s precision. Yet, aside from precision, the tripod has become a necessity because it helps carry the weight of the awkwardly large Nerf Vulcan. Extra precaution and patience must be given especially in loading the gun as failing to do so might result to some jamming problems.

Consequently, Nerf Vulcan EFB-25 Blaster is absolutely a fun toy. But then again, it takes some serious patience and care for you to fully achieve the excitement and entertainment a blaster can bring.

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