OSHA 10 HR Card: Use an Online Program to Earn Your Card

The OSHA 10 hour training course, sometimes referred to as the “10 HR card” program, was created by OSHA to improve worker safety and recognition of hazards in the workplace. There are 2 versions of this program; however, the program for construction is far more popular. Online courses are an easy, acceptable way to earn a 10 hour card, because the student controls when and where they take the course and how much time they spend on each area covered.

Earning an OSHA 10 HR card involves taking a 10 hour training course. This can be done through a live class as well as an online course. Online courses are much more flexible and reflect OSHA’s desire to make the course benefits available to the widest possible amount of workers. Students can typically start immediately, take the class from any internet connected computer and stop and start as they wish.

OSHA has stringent requirements for people to teach either the live or online version of the 10 HR card class. Online providers need to follow the guidelines below:

· Strictly follow the OSHA course outline
· Submit the course to OSHA for review
· Continually update the course, typically each year, for new un curso de milagros requirements
· Have a trainer to answer student questions

When choosing an online class, Student/workers should look for the following:

1. OSHA Acceptance. The most important thing to look for is an indication that the course is OSHA accepted. OSHA only allows a few providers to indicate acceptance of the 10 HR course.

2. Trainer Availability. OSHA requires an approved trainer be available to handle student issues. Trainers are typically available through email. There should be subject matter expert and a trainer name and email address included with the course information.

3. Graphics and narration. OSHA does not review the user friendliness of the course, only that the material is covered. A good OSHA 10 HR card course will, however, take this into account and have relevant photos, graphics, and quality voice narration to enhance the student/worker understanding of the course material. Many courses offer you the opportunity to see a demo of the course before you take it.

Many states require workers to have the OSHA 10 HR card before they work on a publicly funded construction project. Specifically, New York, Mass., Nevada, Missouri and New Hampshire require the OSHA 10 card for certain types of projects. Additionally, many cities, counties and other government agencies have similar requirements for local projects.

Workers often need the “OSHA 10 HR Card” from the Department of Labor (DOL) for proof of completion of the course. A certificate of completion is also valid proof, as long as the provider is OSHA accepted. Workers that take the online course receive the same card as taking the live course.

OSHA’s 10 HR card program has generated improved worker safety, particularly in the construction industry. OSHA has a strict set of policies to ensure the online courses meet their standards. Make sure the provider clearly indicates the course is “OSHA Accepted.” Taking an online course is an excellent way for workers to earn the OSHA 10 HR card.


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