The 10 Best iPhone 5S Protective Cases

Here are the most influential factors when deciding which products would make the list, since preserving your iPhone’s rigidity, and beauty, is the feeling of vigilance, that we all acquired when first buying our iPhones!


Always the most important factor for iPhone Cases & Accessories, it is a crime after all to dress such a beautiful device with an ugly and mal-manufactured product.


…is on the top of the list along with the design, things like shock absorption and protection from overheating, should be a standard nowadays, and not an extra feature.

Value For Quality

It’s not always true that the most expensive products are the best as well. Making sure that you pay for what you get and the case’s longevity matter a lot.

In a time where the market is flooded with all kinds of different products, quality becomes even harder to discover, and even easier to appreciate! Out of an extensive comparison between the latest iPhone 5S protective cases, we can still see OtterBox commuter & defender series on the top, while Spigen SGP is also a famous competitor. The Lifeproof fre series though seem to leave everyone behind, and prove to be the best all-around weather & condition protection for the iPhone devices.

The products are not listed in any particular order, everyone of us has his/her own taste, so something like that would be unrealistic and futile.

10. Obliq – Skyline Series

Hardshell and dual-layered construction, while still sleek and lightweight. The Skyline series incorporate a similar design with Xtreme Pro, and a huge range of colors. The Skyline will offer a unique way of placing your phone in landscape view, with a special card insert stand.

9. Belkin – Grip Candy Sheer Series

With a slender and slim design to fit your pocket, the flexible TPU case by Belkin will keep your iPhone 5S protected from medium impacts and scratches. The one-year warranty will make sure the quality of your case is top edge, and all the cuts will take care of your ports’ accessibility.

8. Fosmon – Dura-Hologram Series

A lightweight choice, both in price and in bulk. This hybrid TPU (interior) and PC (exterior) case by Fosmon, will make sure your iPhone 5S will stay slim, and dress it with a beautiful stereoscopic 3D effect on the exterior, leaving space for the Apple logo to shine.

All your ports will be easily accessible, and you can have peace of mind against light bumps and drops of your device. The only downside is that the screen is not protected.

7. ULAK – Pandamimi Series

Yet another cheap, but sleek and elegant solution, Pandamimi cases are designed to fit your iPhone 5S like a glove, and provide all-around protection from scratches, bumps and dirt. Made from highly durable PC & a smooth surface TPU, you can stay sure your iPhone is kept safe and out of danger.

6. Spigen SGP – Neo Hybrid Series

One of the more lightweight and slim options from Spigen SGP, the Neo Hybrid series, hold all the elegance and innovations from Spigen, while delivering them in a sleek and slim design, which will fit your iPhone perfectly without no bulk.

Spigen is famous for the durability and utility of their mobile accessories, so this one won’t let you down.

5. OtterBox – Commuter Series

The OtterBox Commuter series is the lightweight choice compared to Defender, and as equally famous in the market.

Two layers of protection for Commuter will keep away the danger, and you can still get away with little bulk, your iPhone will stay as thin as it always was.

4. Obliq – Xtreme Pro Series

Hardshell and dual-layered construction, while still sleek and lightweight. Xtreme Pro series incorporate a similar design with Skyline, and a nice range of sporty colors. Xtreme Pro’s backside has a luxurious metallic shimmer logo, which gill give that extra edge to your device.

3. Spigen SGP – Tough Armor Series

Spigen SGP is a trusted mobile accessories manufacturer, and have data sgp  been on the market since 2004. They are one of the most popular brands among iPhone cases, and that’s because their products have an outstanding value for quality.

The Tough Armor series are defined by the spider-web inspired TPU construction on the inside of the case, which is in reality an innovative air cushion technology in shock absorbing, and helps the air circulate better in order to avoid overheating.

2. OtterBox – Defender Series

Probably the most recognisable brand when it come to protective cases, Otterbox has released the famous Commuter & Defender series, which will take care of all around protection for your iPhone.

Three layers of protection for Defender, drops, bumps and scratches will stay away from your device forever. The case is kinda bulky, but that’s the beauty of it in that case, isn’t it?

1. Lifeproof – Fre Series

The most expensive and at the same time top protection solution arrives from Lifeproof. What do you think about waterproof, dirt/snow & drop proof all in one? Not too much to handle for the Fre series, which will protect your iPhone 5S from any kind of danger, while still let you access the Touch ID, the touchscreen, camera and everything you need.


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