The History Of Custom Boxes

Custom boxes are a must if you are a company that deals with a lot of shipments every single day. They are a simple way to advertise your business, show your client that you care about them and depict your company’s style. Doing all that with one simple shipment is an incredible achievement, but somehow it’s gotten so simple that, if you don’t use custom boxes you are falling behind. Your competition is miles ahead of you. So, now that we’ve established that they are a crucial part of any company let’s take a look at how it all started.

Way, Way Back

The corrugated material has been approved for shipping since 1903. Nine years after the first corrugated box was made, every business started using them because they were the cheaper alternative. Plus, by using corrugated boxes, businesses avoided major product damages, which was incredibly important to them because they would usually have to pay for the product damages that were caused during the shipment, something that their clients were heavily exploiting. There were over forty companies producing corrugated boxes only lip gloss packaging vendors seven years later. They took over the packaging world by storm! Every single company in the world quickly learned that this is the cheapest and the most efficient way of packaging, so they made the necessary adjustments and accepted the fact that this is the right and, truth to be told, the only possible way to ship products and make money.

The Customization

As soon as companies started using corrugated boxes, they started putting stickers on them, a simple sticker with their logo on the corner of the box, something to clarify where the package is coming from. Several companies during the fifties wanted to go even a step further. Some of the bigger companies hired designers or used some of the people that were in charge of designing their product and gave them a simple project. They told them to find a way to put the logo on their corrugated boxes, in some playful way. They wanted to turn the process of picking up a package into an experience, turn it into something fun for their clients. This apparently succeeded because several years later every bigger business was using it. The clients loved it too, apparently, because the shipping companies were making money like never before. This marked the beginning of the usage of custom boxes.

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