Top Three Intex Pools Reviewed – Family Fun In The Sun

Summer is here, the sun is hot, the kids school summer vacation has begun and they need entertained. What better than a pool, some friends and a few toys to keep them cool and amused for hours in the back yard?

These days pools come in many shapes and sizes, to help you in your choice here are reviews for the 3 best selling Intex pools.

My first choice, is relatively inexpensive but you should undoubtedly add the cost of an electric pump if you don’t already have one!

Intex 117-by-76-by-53-Inch Rainbow Ring Pool Play Centre.

It is divided into 2 sections. There is the “wading pool” and a slightly bigger pool in which the water-slide is located. It comes with a water sprayer – which has to be attached to a garden hose and a couple of games are included also – a ring toss game and a ball roller or toss ball game (the hoops and balls are included.)

Without doubt, what you see on the box is what you get, this went down well with parents who have purchased this Intex pool, there were no disappointments regarding size etc.

Intex states that the pool is suitable for children between the ages  hk pools  of 3-7 years. However, quite a few parents felt that by the time their youngsters had reached the age of around 5 years whilst they still played in the pool, the features games etc. had lost their appeal. The slide too is pretty short and not much good for older or taller youngsters.

With the help of an electric pump the pool can be blown up fairly fast. Without an electric pump? You are in for a long task because there are quite a few of parts with individual valves for inflating. So investing a high power electric pump is undoubtedly a wise idea. Some parents made the mistake of assuming that a pump was included with this Intex pool – not in this instance.

The one BIG complaint about this pool is the lack of a plug or two to allow for emptying the water. This pool will hold up to 77 gallons of water so trying to tip it up to empty it is no easy task and bailing it out with a bucket takes forever! The other complaint was regarding cleaning – especially under the slide which was difficult to access to allow a thorough clean.

Negative points aside the children I spoke to all absolutely loved this Intex pool and would spend hours having fun. In fact, a couple of parents even brought the pool indoors in the winter months and turned it into a massive ball pit – great idea for a party!

Next up is a metal framed Intex pool. This one is a bit more expensive than the last, but highly recommended and is a semi-permanent structure – depending on the climate where you live it can be left in position all year round!

Intex 12-Foot-by-30-Inch Family Size Round Metal Frame Pool Set

As indicated in the name this Intex pool is constructed from strong metal pipes which interlock and are then fed through and extremely strong vinyl casing which runs round the top edge of the main body of the heavy duty vinyl pool. Lot’s of the people I spoke to did tell me[/spin that they had been very concerned that the pool structure was not “solid” enough. They all had to admit however, that this was definitely not the case on completion, especially after it had been filled with water.


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